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A crappie poem

May 12, 2016

The writing is on the wall
To serious been, all in all
Must laugh before I fall
Dungeon out must crawl
Poor taste do I scrawl
Not blog worthy, if at all
Only of a bathroom stall.

Well, this must be it
A poem about shit

A waste of words
To describe turds

If it is brown
Flush it down

Other color would be improper
Quick,  better call a doctor

One end it’s Reese’s
The other end, feces

What made me think
I could write about stink?

Seems kind of fraty
To prose a cow patty

Can it really be art
To rhyme with a fart?

A smelly narativ
Of a bilabial fricative

I’ve an idea
About diarrhea

What does it matter
On the bowl it splatters

To take a crap, it must be stolen
That which comes from my colon

It would be a real stinker
To jibe the sphincter

Hope this gets me out of my rut
A crappie poem, to get off my butt.


Just had to “flush” this out.

From → humor, random

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