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Funny Proof

May 14, 2016

That there is a God force.

Stand up comedians, and ironically,  even, the atheistic ones.

Magically manifesting all the creativity of putting god (Words) from thoughts (god head ) into audible art.

All in perfection,  sequenced in such as way as to raise our consciousness.

Seamless in effort, with terrific timing, perfect pauses, tempered tonality, staccato stutters,  vicious vocalization,  malignant moodiness, clever courage,  benign brevity, acrid aphorisms, political pontificating,  fresh frankness, real reasons, dogmatic discoveries, infinite intelligence,  questioning questions and indefensible arguments.

Vocalizing “truths” presented humorously  in many forms, from the soft warm gentleness of an intimate breathless whisper,  to the banshee wailing warning of impending apocalyptic Armageddon.

Either way,  only presented as tentative truths expressed raw for you to decide,  as to what feels right and good.

Not printed in a detrimentally deceptive conniving controlling structured book,  numerically referenced chapter and paragraph policy outlined fantastical false fairy tale.

The ones passed down by costumed zealots,  instructing you how to interpret it their way, to best serve their needs,  not yours or humanity’s

We ignore this at our own peril.

Debating creationists is slippery. When your opponent doesn’t have to adhere to facts or logic, it’s tricky to find traction.

My friend Zach Weinersmith once wrote that it’s not that most creationists are anti-evolution, it’s that they’re anti-some distorted version of it told to them by their pastors.

Phil Plait

The opposite of profound truth is another profound truth.

Niels Bohr

The comparison, of “truths” about disciplining children.

Proverbs 13:24

New Living Translation

Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.

Christopher Titus

“Tough Love” from  “Neverlution”

“In that  moment,  I got one of those pure truths of this life”. “You got to abuse your kids a little bit ” //  But,  in today’s world,  with what is going on, you got to suck a little trust out of them, a little love. //

Louis CK

“Other people’s kids”, from “Hilarious”

“Stop hitting me, you’re huge, how could you hit me? That’s crazy,  your a giant,  and I can’t defend myself. // Here’s the crazy part about it. Kids are the only people in the world you’re allowed to hit.//
They’re the most vulnerable and the most destroyed by being hit.

Given,  the choice of those three truths,  the one that rings truest,  with “god” like clarity is Louis CK.

Besides that,  the one that best suffices, logic and reason,  is Louis CK’s.

In researching stuff for this post,  (since it took a turn,  I hadn’t planned) the biblical version of “spare the rod,  spoil the child” had many different versions,  from a wide variety of translations.

All, mostly vague, and contextually disperse, enough to confuse. With so many versions and so many subtle differences,  the contradictions are overwhelming.  How is that prop, still used, as a tool, to declare “truths”.

As for the Christopher Titus bit, it is clear, yet a little misguided.  However, in context of the abuse he endured from his father,  has to dissuade himself of the cognitive dissonance of simultaneously wanting to love his father and excuse him of the abuse.

I think Christopher Titus is funny, yet the notion that “in today’s world,  with what is going on, you got to suck a little trust out of them, a little love.” The exact opposite would be more useful, build a world where trust is absolutely imperitive and love is overwhelming.

This took such a strange turn, should probably have made it in to two posts.  But, when “other” “forces” seem to be guiding phlanges across the letters,  in word and spaces, in english with punctuations. Figured, best to go with the flow.

All hail to the crafty clever conscious comedians creating commentary concerning copesetic cohesive consciousness.

Doug Stanhope,  Louis CK,  Patton Oswalt,  Chris Rock,  David Cross,  Marc Maron,  Kat Williams, Kathleen Madigan,  Dave Attell, Tammy Pescatelli, Lewis Black,  Christopher Titus,  Steve Martin,  Joe Rogan, Don Rickles,  Daniel Tosh, Carlos Mencia,  Bill Burr,  Eddie Murphy, Brian Regan, Paul Mooney, Jim Gaffigan, etc.

Deceased deities remembered remarkably relevant.

George Carlin,  Bill Hicks,  Richard Pryor, Greg Geraldo,  Mitch Hedburg, Sam Kenison, etc.

Plus, the Radio renegades,  Howard Stern,  Robin Quivers, Fred Norris.

Hacking hypocrisy,  punk’ing pretentiousness. Lavishing lucid laughter.

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