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Spooky Language

May 17, 2016

Identity Theft

Ooooh, I am scared!!

The warnings,  come over my radio,  from the “high paid”,  “voice over” guy.

With, practically “Vincent Price” tonal qualities,  of impending personal disaster.

Sometimes,  even on the tv, riddled with “lock” icons, and red images, running.

“Statistics” piled high,  in rapid intense succession.  Using cautionary tales of woe, simply based on the “numbers”, that YOU, YOU,  or even me, could be next.

Quick, where’s my security blanket.  Ahhh.

I must hide, from the identity “stealer”.

Wait,  that voice over guy,  is now informing me, that, if I pay their “security” team a monthly “fee”, they, will “protect” my identity. They, “guarantee” it.

Oh, mommy, could it be true?

Whew, how quick can I sign up?

Someone might access your credit cards,  or tap into your ” bank” account,  yet it’s not identity theft.

It sounds like invasion of the body snatchers though, meant to keep the masses in fear and transferring $ from you to the corporments.

Turning fear into cash. All done with careful and clever, language, sound and image manipulation.

Another layer of corporment controlled socialism,  fascism,  fear-ism, guided illusion,  that if it didn’t generate so much “free” money, it wouldn’t exist.


It’s impossible for someone to steal my identity 5fm

Nor my personality,  I’d have to have one first. Obviously,  if I have time to sit and think up this post.

Also, the system of the world we live in, may be the only one we know, (right now)  however, it’s not the only one.

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