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No me

June 1, 2016

No friends,  no me

No income,  no me

No disagreeing,  no me

No sanctuary,  no me

No sleep,  no me

No opinion,  no me

No control, no me

No parents,  no me

No me,  to know me

(I guess I could better explain the above,  however,  that to me, would lose its poetry-ess-ness.) (What a rookie, can’t believe I left these parenthesesed comments in.)

Sometimes there is not even a me to consider a me to cease existing me being a me.

But wait,

Hope and appreciation.

My ears to hear is me

My eyes to see is me

My fingers to touch is me

My nose to smell is me

My tongue to taste is me

My brain to think is me

My heart to feel is me

My wife is my love to me

My children are inspiration to me

My blog to express is me

My driving is freedom to me

My creativity is divine to me

My laughter internal is me

My mind evolving is me

My soul knows me and no me

I knew I’d find enough know me to not know no me.


I should have titled this the narcissistic.

Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.

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