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Anger Mismanagement

June 3, 2016

A drug less addict, couldn’t be stranger

For I must be,  addicted to my anger


Must be,  has to be something

Without it,  I fear,  I am nothing


Really,  no reason,  to stress or strife

I’ve a beautiful wife and a good life


All of the bills, they do get paid

And despite my darkness I get laid


Get my heart & head, on the same page

That might dismiss, some of the rage


Should it be my fate

To always be irate


My mind,  conjures,  images so vivid

About fears so clear,  I get livid


Cognitive dissonance, my contemplation

Probably causes most of my indignation


Peace and tranquility of which I aspire

Still find myself bloated with ire


Searching searching,  for the right path

One wrong turn, leads me to wrath


With all my blessings,  should be glad

Why then am I,  always so fucking mad


Peaceful thoughts is my stated claim

End up regardless mostly inflame


Excuses,  endless,  none any good

Changing my attitude as I should


Quickly must act, not to be bereft

Or it will be me, and no one else left


Taking responsibility is my aim

For there is no one else to blame


Efforts, effective so far have been trite

A fix in the works, continue to write


Everyone is worth all the great while

Perhaps I could start with a friendly smile


Sooner the fix, be thrilled then

Improving lives of my children


To finish this up,  I’ll make it a  twofer

My poem,  and Ozzy’s Secret Loser

Secret Loser

Trapped in a lonely body
I’m losing control
Can’t show my emotions
And I’m losing my soul
Could it be that I’m obsessed
With feeding my disease?
I couldn’t make it known
The hidden things that no one sees

Yeah, loser
I’m a secret loser
I’m a secret loser

Fighting a losing battle
Pretending to win
Repenting to holy unknowns
Pretending to sin
All I do is hide the wounds
Where blood just won’t congeal
Couldn’t ever take my soul
‘Cos isn’t there to steal

Yeah, loser
I’m a secret loser
I’m a secret loser, now

Though I’m the loser, there is no winner
There’s nothing left to win
The hidden reasons now in deletion
Are lost in sin
So heed my warning, the time is dawning
I’ll tell you, here’s the twist
The truth is lying, below the surface
I don’t exist

I’m a secret loser
I’m a secret loser, now

Seeing is not believing
It don’t mean a thing
Although it appears to be that
The loser is king
I can understand that what you see
You think is real
But underneath the surface
Is a wound that cannot heal

Yeah, loser
I’m a secret loser
I’m a secret loser
I’m a secret loser
I’m a secret loser

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