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Sanctuarious Lament

June 4, 2016

It is not frightening, just a little scary

Mourning the loss of our sanctuary


This society’s ills, we are prone

To be so attached, to our phone


Like an umbilical cord, should be cut

Get us away from the attachment rut


This is simple, it’s nothing to deep

Can’t even turn it off,  while we sleep


What’s so important,  you can’t miss

Some people are on it while they piss


That’s not the worst,  or the latest scoop

Others tend to talk on it while they poop.


Consider what the other person must feel

As they hear echo,  and toilet paper unreel


I’m an adult I can handle the excuse

Much rather,  than hear your stool loose.


Even worse to hear,  the devastation

If you are suffering from constipation


Do not mean to drone and drone

The culprit is not always the phone


Thoughts wander, some so protracted

Helps explain why so easily distracted


Regardless what it is, always need more

Bipedal beings, or consumptive whores


That’s enough to cause some laughter

Wait,  we need lots more ever faster.


No pointing fingers, I am so guilty too

Alien entertainment, on this planetary zoo


What if that’s it, what could be the harm

Under atmospheric glass, like an ant farm


I’m sure that is not it, mean that really

If it was,  would you not feel silly


Doing whatever,  going about your day

Knowing you might be some beings play


Picture that from the infinity of it all

Knowing you are microscopicly small


Perhaps there is no reason to lament

Just appreciate each and every moment


Finish this up, keep it light and airy

Couldn’t have written,  had I sanctuary


From → humor, random

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