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June 8, 2016

Reading to much into it

That’s all my mind does.

Nothing is as it seems,

Regardless of the context

And the repetition of content

Or the crystal-ness of clarity

It is always something else

Black is never black

White is never white

Grey is always gray

Or 372 shades of it

Always a hidden agenda

Or nothing of the sort

Works my mind overtime

Open to interpretation

And then reinterpretation

One plus one equals two

Yet,  given to an accountant

It can be what you need it to be

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

That is not real either

For it is man made

That mountain of fallibility

Isn’t worth the climb

My approximations

Are wholly inaccurate

An eye roll or sideways look

can mean anything

Or impossible to categorize

Of frivolity, disgust or despair

A lot of truth is spoken in jest

But what is truth and what is jest

Must be something I can bank on

Could it be money in the bank

Kind of hard if it’s a noun and verb

Its very / vary existence

Is numbers on a screen

No screens,  poof, no money

I need more clues

To magnify the code




If a guy works all his life,

to declare himself

An honest man,

Then, dies in the middle of his statement.

Was he ever either?



I thought that was the end

Of whatever this could be called

Not for one to stay in limbo

My writing is like my driving

It’s geared towards a solution

Destinations are too final

Only to restart to another end

A solution is temporary

Good but temporary

Like the proverbial mouse trap

A better one or better way

Is always being tried

Obviously I can’t conclude this

That would miss the pointless point

Now that I’ve figured what

I’ve been trying to decipher

Is kindness and happiness

Can always treat others kinder

And kinder, reciprocating too / to

Making myself happier and happier

A sort of regenerating reciprocity…….

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