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Eternal Recurrence ?

July 19, 2016

The trouble with eternal recurrence.


Do you believe in reincarnation?



Did you believe in it. in your last incarnation?



Will you believe in reincarnation,  in your next incarnation?

Not sure,  will have to see how this one plays out.


Would it help if you had “proof” ?


I read it somewhere,

No print, no proof.


I heard it somehow

Not sound proof enough.


Logical conclusion, perchance

Or just strange circumstance


Energy can not be destroyed ?

Make it disappear,  like a hemmroid


Who says so?  The proverbial they?

“They” sure have a lot to convey


Energy only changes form.

A nice theory,  to accept as a norm


All nonetheless, improvable.

Of making reality re-doable


If it would make everyone kind

It’d be a worthwhile trick of the mind


If you came back as someone to be

The last person,  would be your enemy


Unless you learn to get along

To right all of your wrongs


I wrote this to find a conclusion

Only to finish with more confusion


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