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July 20, 2016

Stop with the opposition

It’s time to transition

Change our position

To violence prohibition

Earthlings frazzled condition

Orwellian contradiction

War is peace, an affliction

Hate becomes our addiction

Death, too common expectation

Hope it’s not our relation

Feel the devastation

Of each in every nation

A peaceful revolution

Could be the solution

Start with absolution

Kindness promotion

Love thyself devotion



**  where this should have stopped



Forward the motion

Not just a notion

Calm the commotion

Pare down the consumption

To ease the pollution

Spare the frustration

Of poor inhalation

Strive for exaltation

Politicians proclamation

Bile regurgitation

End the deception

Heirachy cessation

Need a long vacation

From mental constipation

Fate all anticipation

Chaos accommodation

Mundane fascination

Arcane clarification

Reason justification

Heaven imagination

Terrorist placation

Hell reservation

Limbo destination

Evolving stagnation

Mirrored reflection

Duplicating rejection

A bad disposition

Having good reputation

By clever manipulation

Childish maturation

Adult consternation

From sleep depravition

A simple proposition

Turned this long rendition

Effect less causation

Without contemplation

Of a summation

Or realization

Just a finalization

Of this dissertation

To stop opposition

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