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Potty Ploy Plotted Poorly

July 23, 2016


The whole current public, who can use whatever bathroom debate, was started by a group of plumbers, in an unjustified fearful anticipation of a drop off of work.

They thought they could wrangle extra work through legislation,  by utilizing an archetype distraction like abortion,  flag burning,  race,  income, health care, etc.

Since it doesn’t take much effort to stir baseless fears in this country,  a few timely placed stories, in the media, would be all it would take to create extra work.

By inciting an ignorant reactive scared populace, demanding that extra mandatory bathrooms be built.

It was all started by the,


Having the appropriate acronym of

Nincompoops !!

With Pavlovian perplexity pushing people’s political propaganda,  unnecessarily over something that was never ever ever, never ever going to be an issue, till the Nincompoops made it a self serving one, to build more bathrooms.

So next time you hear or read a “news” “story” (it is neither news, nor a story), about public bathrooms,  or somebody brings it up, quickly remind yourself and others, what the real issue is, and that it was started by Nincompoops.

I’m not looking to be right, just understood.

The best rationalization,  explanation that I heard,  proving what a non-issue issue this is, is how many times you have already been in a public bathroom, right alongside with someone who is transgender and you didn’t know it then, so why get all bent out of shape now?

What…just  to “feed” into having the Nincompoops build more bathrooms?

The most commonly presented argument is for women’s safety,  usually made by males, saying that they don’t want their wife or daughter in a bathroom with men.

Again,  no one could probably count how many times this has already happened and it has not been a problem.

Therefore,  the presented argument,  hides the truth argument,  dick fear,  the insecure guys, yelling the loudest in opposition that some woman,  might see how “small” they are.  Knowing that they themselves are the ones that can’t handle “fe-male’s” using the same bathroom.

Men are insecure about the size of their dicks, and so they have to kill one another over the idea.

That’s what all that asshole jock bullshit is all about.  That’s what all that adolescent,  macho, male, posturing and strutting in bars and locker rooms is all about.

It’s called Dick Fear.

Men are terrified that their pricks are inadequate and so they have to compete with one another to feel better about themselves.  //  Basically, men are killing each other in order to improve their self-esteem.

Geoege Carlin

From “Rockets &  Penises in the Persian Gulf”

“Jammin’ in New York”

As an observer,  I’ve witnessed this terrible topic tear my non-biological chosen children’s relationship with their bio – dad asunder simply because he dug his opinionated heels in, adding that one final camel, back breaking straw.

Who is the Nincompoop now?

Guidelines to thwart the Nincompoops.

Regardless of the apparatus,  used to empty the bladder,  if you are standing.  Keep face forward,  head down, urethra open, mouth shut.

For colon evacuations, keep it simple,  sphincter open,  mouth closed.  No, humming,  whistling,  grunting and groaning.

If you have to make that much noise, you don’t have to go yet. If you continue to make that much noise, regardless of gender, go to the hospital, you are having a baby.

Certainly,  do not start a conversation,  with someone you recognized entering an adjacent stall. Or anyone else for that matter.

Biggest rule, stay off of the cell phone.

Unless you’re preventing a suicide, or talking to a flight attendant because the pilots are dead and you’re the only one that can help them land the plane, even though you have to go to the bathroom, all other conversations are frivolous and do not belong in a bathroom.

Pull the throttle up, ignore those buzzers, turn off the flashing light, quit crying and try to make those passengers stop screaming.

That would at least be more compelling than,

Yeah, uh-huh,  right,  milk,  eggs, ugh, mmm, diapers, Oh shit, I left the baby in car, I gotta go.

Or,  I cant believe the quarterback dropped the ball, that and I ate too much bratwurst.

Eliminating waste is a biological imperative, regardless of gender.  Doing so with a cell phone or Bluetooth device is arrogant and rude..

There’s the bathroom the nincompoops can install.  Sound and smell proof ones,  where anything audible or odorous disappears.

Oh oh, I feel a rant building. .

Speaking of transgender and things used to pee,  isn’t it about time we collectively cut the conceptual creators cock off ?

Not to worry,  if it is a he,  and he is all powerful,  “he” can simply make a new one appear. .

//  Just between you and me,  in any decently run universe,  this guy would have been out on his all powerful ass along time ago .

By the way,  I say this “guy”,  because I firmly believe, looking at these results, that if there is a god, it has to be a man.

No woman could or would ever, fuck things up like this.

So, if…..if….there is a god,…..if there is, I think most reasonable people, might agree that he’s at least incompetent and maybe,  just maybe,  doesn’t give a shit…doesn’t give a shit.

Which I admire in a person and would explain a lot of these bad results.

George Carlin

“There is no god”

“You are all diseased”

Perhaps,  it is my blatant ignorance,  and that it is the use of a masculine pronoun being used, simply because there are no linguistic alternatives.

Like sunrise or sunset,  both wholly inaccurate while describing an archaic perception that we live in a Geocentric world and not a Heliocentric world.

My perception is that it is becoming presciently pressing that we evolve.  Lest we destroy ourselves in the process for being too comfortable to change.

Some alternatives are, god force,  infinite intelligence, yahweh, ohhm,  Dumbo’s magic feather, lucky rabbits foot (not so for the rabbit).

Oops,  got off track of the bathroom bit. Oh well.


A male’s strength,  if it has to be

Should not be in his brutality


That is the power projected on god

Utilizing only the male is kind of a fraud


Made in “his” image and likeness

Would explain the lack of kindness


If it’s god with whom you wish to dance

For god’s sake give the feminine a chance


God as a man,  a common theme

Isn’t it time we bust that meme



Far too long,  been in a trance

Just looking for proper balance


Or, it could be as simple

To embrace the Gaia principle


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