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Discovering Who I am.

July 25, 2016

I’m a Trans-Galaxian Being

Having an innate sense of being an Uranusian trapped in an Earthlings body.

Would certainly explain why I am so misunderstood,  feeling like I don’t belong and behaving like an asshole sometimes.

Haha hahaha hahaha

Just a little “out of this world” humor.

Or perhaps not.

It might really be true.   Need to start a little Altoid therapy with soothing throat lozenges so I can feel comfortable speaking with other earth people.

Since most people from Uranus are used to “talking out of their ass”.

Will need to do some chest augmentation to accommodate for a larger heart. Which I will definitely need, if people are going to take me seriously as an earth human.

Not quite psychologically prepared for the cranial reduction though.    Did you know people from Uranus have a small heart and huge narcissistic ego’s?

Although,  as I am discovering who I am, realize there a lot of Uranusian’s here.

There just aren’t any clubs to get together at with to bond. Everyone is disguised so well.

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