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Sound, bites

August 16, 2016

Click,  crunch,  chew,  gulp,  swallow,  grind,  tear,  gnash,  nosh,  slurp,  ahh,  mmm,  smack,  gunlng,

Oops,  nevermind, those are bite sounds.

From time to time,  you hear complaints about the media presenting information in  “sound bites”.

Therefore the deeper meaning and more thorough thought is buried beyond the snippet.

I get that on a personal level.  I’m not strictly blaming the “media”,  after all the “media” is just a reflection of a part of my consciousness.

I will think of a brewing problem,  that needs to be addressed.   Think about it for a while.   Fortunately or unfortunately,  I have lots of “while” to think about it.

Will consider it from my best perception of every angle possible.  Open brain files of similar situations,  salt it with things I’ve read, pepper it wit things I’ve heard.

Come up with a “brilliant” solution that encompasses everyone involved.  “knowing, I’ve already taken their angle  (as I best “perceived” it.),  into vast consideration to come up with. …..

“Everything happens for a reason”

Or “If you do this, then that will happen”.

Ta Da.  Problem solved.

Nice sound bite / Headline

To solve the problem.



Problems contemplate

Solutions pontificate

Try to articulate

Add a gesticulate

Answers indeterminate

Other’s feelings calculate

Not to deceminate

Theories fabricate

To long ruminate

Quotes translate

Verbally relate

Peacefulness perpetuate

Wildly extrapolate

Briefly communicate

Singularly confabulate

Stop to postulate

Myself placate

Challenges subjugate

Help to correlate

Bonding coagulate

Incorporate promulgate

Inclusion culminate

Create a meditate

Finalize and laminate

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