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August 18, 2016

How does one detach from being attached to detachment?

Whew,  I guess the question in and of itself,  is the Freudian slip reveal of not even being able to use the personal pronoun I, to take ownership and responsibility for being detached.

He latches on to that symbol of detachment, attracted by the peeling away of feeling.

Roger Waters  “Amused to Death”

Ownership,  there’s a good one.

I guess,  other than the meat on your bones,  can you really “own” anything?

Even that, seems only to be only “leased”, in part on how much currency you can exchange with the food conglomerations to be able to put nutrition in it to keep it running.

Must be the thoughts in your head that you own.

Yet, thoughts are very fluid.  Certainly very transitory, can’t exactly pile them up and stick them on a shelf and declare that those thoughts are mine.

Besides,  at least for me,  thoughts only seem to be in the language I learned. Hmmm?

I wish I knew where this was going, other than fulfilling the obligation of this blog by making observations from a loose nut behind the wheel.

I will detach from this by hitting “Publish”.

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