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Man In The Mirror

September 8, 2016

Doug Stanhope  “Remember When “

Ever look in the mirror in the
Morning and think, “that can’t
Be accurate.”
Oh it’s–that’s off by years,
And pounds, and wrinkles, and is
That metric?
Send that to the front desk and
Get that recalibrated ’cause
That is not–that doesn’t even
Look like a head anymore.

Man in the mirror.

Global responsibility

The trouble is, they know better than what they do.


The trouble is, we know better than what we do.


The trouble is, I know better than what I do.

Think Globally
Act Locally

Therefore I take full and overwhelming responsibility for,

Over Fishing the Oceans
Clear Cutting Forests
Being Cruel To Animals
Purchasing Blood Diamonds
Supporting Sweat Shops
Topping Off Landfills
Causing Acid Rain
Starting Wars
Not Stopping Wars

After all,  when you have one finger pointing,  you have three pointing back.  Albeit,  partially concealed.

Essentially though, that is all I’m doing,  is taking responsibility. Since actually doing something to change anything is like emptying the ocean with a thimble.

Ugly reflection

Self rejection

More Doug Stanhope “Remember When”

“I got on–I get to a point
Where, like, my act was making
My entire life miserable where
It’s just–and it’s still not
Good, but it’s–I just hate
Everything and fuck it, it’s so
Doesn’t anyone see how dumb this
Like some people go, “isn’t
The world a crazy place?”
And they’re fine with that.
And I’m like, “this is fucked
This is really fucked up.
We’re like dark ages people, and
I’m not even smart.
And that’s the most terrifying
Part when you realize I’m not
Even a bright person, but I’m
Still probably in the top 3%
Of the smartest people on this
Planet, and I’m pretty
Fucking dumb.
And you go, “how alone are we?”
And then you go, “I don’t give
A shit.”
At one point, you go, “44.”
I’m way closer to dead than I
Am life of the party, and I
Don’t have children, so why am I
Getting so enraged about all
This nonsense?
I don’t care.
I don’t care getting all upset
About the fucking planet.
I’m gone pretty soon.
I left no litter behind.
That’s your problem.
I’m treating this planet like
The fucking rental car that it
Is, and I’m turning it in
Trashed with a bumper hanging
Off, fuck your insurance, fuck
The environment, I didn’t ask to
Be here.
(audience cheers and applauds)
Someone created me.
Yes, I know that’s a selfish
It’s a selfish thing.
But you know what?
I’ve cared about other stuff,
And, yeah, me not caring about
Stuff, will, affect it as much
As me caring about stuff, which
Is none.”

The above,  could have been my dialogue, however, reflecting back, having non-biological chosen children has certainly elevated my consciousness of objectivity.

Where once, the concept of parenting was just a hypothetical theory, based on ideal situations and not real world applications.

Being somewhat of a reclusive curmudgeon,  I know to keep my influences regulated and generally pre-approved.

Being largely in part, my own influencer,  I paranoid-ly prepared myself for a world that never rose to fruition, or it did and am so prepared,  can not recognize the world around me.

As the carefree world most everyone else seems to be living in.  In this instance,  I’m writing about the bio-dads, of my chosen children’s, mine and son in laws.

For when they look in the mirror,  regarding the lives of their / (there,  those children) they’re like vampires,  they see nothing.

Nor do they get to observe,  how much better parents their offspring are, in being dads, then they are.  Simply,  by being there, how simple is that.

Certainly,  am able to observe that with the absence of the “sperm” donors,  on one hand, make my degree of responsibility quite simple.

On the other,  just need to keep my goofy thoughts in check,  so as not to be a detrimental influence by being here.

Best post this before it turns into a short story,  then a novel,  or some epic something or other.  Especially since,  some of this stuff has nothing to do with the other stuff, but it rolled out of head, so I went with it.

Maybe,  one day I’ll come back and edit this so it makes some kind of coherent sense.

Perhaps,  I already did. Phew, should have seen this in my brain.

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