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A tale of two ( I I )

September 10, 2016

Thermite hot lies

No cordite to analyze


You knew it was wrong

When schwwwt

the evidence was gone


Taking up residence

Other damming evidence


Lying in the shadow

Only a few would know


On September Eleven

Destroyed in building Seven


Perplexed,  this will make you frown

Small fires, huge fires

Do not bring any steel building down


Not as wild,  as say,  a magic bullet

Until you hear the owner say, “pull it!!”


Must be like looking for Who in Whoville

To finding no whom’s in Shanksville


Think that is, such a shame

They couldn’t even, find a plane


Traveling by air,  of course you know

When your seat is in, the very last row


Those contraptions are big and long

Yet,  none in PA or the pentagon


In 2001, the technology was not there

Making cell phone calls 6 miles in the air


The short phrase was made up whole

That anyone uttered, “Let’s Roll”


The purpose was this, and it may hurt

To help the economy sell a t shirt


I think George’s savior,  so did speak

It would be best to turn the other cheek


He wanted power, not to live and let live

I guess that’s where he forgot to forgive



Can’t do that, if you’re an oil whore

You need this, as a pretense for war


Three thousand lives,  already lost

Why keep tallying the human cost


An answer it is, a pain in the ass royal

Spilling more and more, blood for oil


A tragedy,  or a ruse of convenience

To justify, all of the surveillance


Unfortunately we perpetuate the Illusion

To erradicate our dissonant confusion


It is easy to see why no one takes a stand

because the blood is also on our hands


Cant blame Bush, I’m guilty too

I like to go farther faster, so thank you.


15 years later, the truth is out of range

Unless you watch the movie

“Loose Change”


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