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Insanity Claus

September 21, 2016

Christmas in July or , August, or September?

Whatever,  the business person “needs” it to be.

Will someone please kill Santa Claus?

Or at least the bogus social mores meme that perpetuates blatant consumerism for the redundant sake of such.

Not to mention the deceitful use of a non existent entity, to garner the unwitting control, over infinitely intelligent, baby bipedal creative beings.

“You better behave and tell the truth, Santa Claus is watching”

Wouldn’t it be great, let’s say, if children between the ages of two and four all of a sudden, had this uncanny and nearly miraculous ability to speak the language, in full content and contextual understanding?

So much so, that at some point, when a parent runs out of patience, trying to discipline their child, that they play the “Santa” card.

“You better behave and tell the truth, Santa Claus is watching”.

Upon hearing this,  the child gives a gentle,  ah-um throat clearing,  and says.

Excuse me,  dear parent of mine, the “reason” I am here, (since you did nothing, to prevent me being here,)  is to be a teacher, with you being my student.

I am a spark of the divine, a being of love with all the creativity of infinite intelligence and aeons of cosmic wisdom.

As were you at one point,  unfortunately the loving divine being that you are, somehow got buried under ceaseless distractions and mindless manipulations.

Therefore,  think of me as a biological magic mirror. We have so much to offer each other in wisdom, love and transformation.

Let’s not waste anymore incarnations manipulating each other to consume ourselves to de-evolution and death.

That was the soft sell approach to make the same point as if the child all of a sudden said,

You lying parental mother fucker,  how dare you say that, with a “straight” face, “knowing” you just consciously used deception in order to get me not to lie and, or manipulate me, just because you are tired and have a headache.

Get your shit together,  I am more wise, then you can ever imagine, and if you pause for a moment……

In your heart you know it’s true. Now let’s get on with your fucking training.

Louis CK  “Other people’s kids” from “Hilarious”
“I like kids,  parents,  I’m not crazy about.

Most parents — Like, this whole country, our thing is the children.

We have to do it all for the children. And, meanwhile,  nobody gives a shit about how they raise their kids.

People put minimal effort into it. They have–their kids — They’re, like consumers of their kids.

Like, they want to call customer service.

“Why does he play video games all day?   I don’t understand why he plays video.

“Maybe ’cause you bought him a f@*#ing video game. You idiot. Throw it a –Throw it away!  Who told you, that was a good idea?

A developing mind. [Grunts] f@*#ing idiots. My kids, don’t even watch television.

And when I tell most other parents that, you know what they say?  They go,  Aw, f#@k you. “Why?” Just ’cause f#@k you. “f#@king” hippie weirdo.

“They’re gonna grow up weirdos. “Cause they don’t watch,  just f#@king anger and colors screaming in their face. [Screams]”

If your kids watch TV , here’s what you should do.

Just — if you think that’s really a good idea,  to have ’em watch tv,  next time your kids are watching television,  just come up behind them, when they don’t know you’re there, and just…  turn it off… without any warning.

Just go–pfft. (Click). Watch what happens.  They go — [Screams] Do you think,  that’s a good sign?

You think,  it’s a sign, that it’s healthy for them?  That,  when it’s taken away,  they go–[Mutters].

Because you’ve created such a high bar of stimulus,  that nothing competes.  A beautiful day is s#!t to a child now.

A gorgeous, panoramic day with hawks catching f@*#ing mice, and flying away, and bears with f@*#ing fish in their teeth.

And the kid’s like, “I want to watch the television!  This is nothing!”

That’s what’s wrong with our kids. They can’t just stand,  and be a person without — Baa! Blah!

First lesson, stop plopping me in front of a brightly lit screen,  or handing me one.  It hurts my eyes and corrodes my consciousness..

The preceding  ( whatever you would call that ) is just one more reason I never had any biological reproductions of myself.

Actually, writing this makes me realize it was a mathematical solution.

I just calculated in advance,  all the multiple ways I would have inflicted unintentional psychological damage.

Duplicating any of the neuroticism rolling around in my head and instilling it into an information gathering sponge, would have been child abuse anyway.

Thank God,  my non-biological, chosen children are not indoctrinating the grandchildren with any repugnant religious rituals.

Save the corporately controlled crass catastrophic caricature Kris Kringle cultivating chaotic consumption.

Yikes,  I’m sure somewhere in the above the Richard Bach meme applies to me.

“We teach best,  what we need to learn most ourselves.”

Of course,  if the Richard Bach quote isn’t a meme, it should be.

Nevermind,  there are a no “should’s”, things are such as they are.

Oh shit,  that’s it, I’m guilty too. Go watch TV,  there is stuff I need to do.

(Elapsed time)…

While this was in its “draft” form, an opportunity presented itself,  to just keep enough of an eye on two of the grandchildren, (not to get out of control,  while “watching” tv,) in between doing, what I was doing.

Can’t write this, and not “learn” from my own “lesson”.  Offered up to the kids, hey let’s go read.  Eagerly,  they abandoned the TV and followed me into the library.

Just trying to put my money where my words are.

Thinking back, that’s where I got plopped then gravitated to.  Watching “Smokey & the Bandit”, “Gumball Rally” then playing Atari “Night Driver” and “Space Invaders”.

Oops, as Roseanne Roseannadanna would say.  “Nevermind”

Guess it all works out for the best.  The glass screen I stare through now is riddled with bright oncoming headlights,  red receding taillights, sunrises, sunsets, all the while listening to “Coast to Coast” (space invaders).

Must need work on some social skills still. Otherwise this shit just ends in a post like this.

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