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A Miraculous Perspective

September 24, 2016

Does anyone else wonder,  if Alexander Graham Bell had invented “cellular” phones first,  that eventually they would be taken for granted,  if the same thing could be achieved on the discovery that you could speak to someone at a great distance over copper wires?

I was just going to leave that paragraph stand on its own, then, this little gem, popped into my recollect. Had to post.

The following is a fine example of why the only public people I take seriously are comedians.

Louis CK on Cell Phones from “Hilarious”

It’s amazing how different shit is now.

And it hasn’t been this way for a long time. It has been a very short time.

Everybody has a phone in their pocket.

Just a few years ago nobody had their phone. It was just the phone. It was this thing, the phone. That was in a room in your house, and then dial this freaking thing, and there was a rotor. And you had to turn it. [rrrrrrr….]. You actually hated people with zeros in their number.

This dude has a zero and nine. How bad do i want to talk to that piece of shit. It’s too much work.

Now we have this, which is amazing. You have this phone that you can call in a air strike. You can look at the top of your own head.

It’s amazing,  this shit and it’s wasted on the shitiest generation of piece of shit assholes, that ever lived. I swear to God. We are, we are the worst people so far.

Because we have this beautiful thing, and we hate it.

We are just, “duh nuh.” I have never seen a person going, “Look what my phone can do…” Nobody does that. They all go, “Fu**ing thing grrrrr. sucks….I can’t get it to…”

Give it a second. Would yeah? Could you give it a second. It’s going to space. Can you give it a second? To get back from space.

Is this speed of light too slow for you? You noncontributing product sponge.. Can you just wait?!?! Can you just wait?

Like it doesn’t f***in matter what you are doing. We are all so mad, “I hate my phone. It sucks.”

No it doesn’t. It’s amazing. The shitiest cellphone in the world is a miracle. Your life sucks around the phone.

Why are you so mad at it. People say the craziest things.

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