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September 24, 2016

Either classroom president or POTUS?

Really,  what is the difference?

“Democracy is a Flawed Theory”

Doug Stanhope

“Democracy is the worst kind, I’m sorry,  but it is.

We get to pick our “leaders”…..well……

What if I don’t want a leader?  Where does that vote go?  I do good on my own,  I don’t want to be “led”. There, is that freedom?

American Idol was the number one show on television  // those are the people picking your leaders, with less insight than they put into whether Rubin Stoddard should win an award. It’s dumb.

These are not leaders, they are manipulators and in general serve themselves, while placating a Pavlovian populace.

Detrimentally deluding themselves of democratic decisions and the dangers of a “tyranny of the majority”.

“Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

John Dalberg-Acton

Leaders lead, in ways that do not include, pandering to diametrically polar opposites, so that each side perceives that they are getting what they want.

Popularity by perception,  self or peers.

Teacher.  Supreme Court. A tiebreaker??

Either one is on the take,  to their best perceived reciprocity.

Supreme Court. A prominent position, perhaps? Might need some other favor? Might be returning one?  Hmmm?

Teacher.  Student might be more helpful in the classroom?  Parents could show appreciation? Too many vague variables.
All the whilst, everyone is on the take.

Therefore, if people did what felt right in their nature, a meritocracy blended with a technocracy would gradually emerge, and the “flawed” aristocratic plutocracy system that is heading towards an autocracy, would end of its own accord.


1 : a system in which the talented are  chosen and moved ahead on the basis  of their achievement

Something to think about.

Taking the time to vote, to wish that your candidate “wins” the popularity vote, gets a little befuddled after you leave the voting booth.

Especially after you overhear someone mention the electoral collage, or was that college,  or collusion, which it might as well be collusion, for all that anybody has ever been able to explain or understand, the Electoral College in the first place.

Now you head home, confused whether or not, or how much that, if your vote even counts, or if you left any hanging “chads”.

Or the screen went fuzzy, as you submitted your votes, on the machine that looked way too similar to the one just featured on that news document about electronic voter fraud.

Happy Voting!!

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