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My Team……Wasted

October 1, 2016

BS. It’s not your team.  You don’t own it or even a little part of it. Wake up.

Even the owners, don’t own the team, they just manage it, for the corporations.

Time to start thinking about words used, and the “real” use of their meaning.

I guess when a player is traded, that would be considered human trafficking.

I hear this shit,  when I briefly have to be exposed to this inane dialogue

Talk about distraction.  I’ve actually audibly observed people talking like this.

Blah blah blah,  like sheep to a slaughter, bleating out something similar to the following drivel.

Well, you know if my “guy” can jump up and catch the ball and run down the field with it, “my team” will win.

Well,  if so and so wasn’t hurt, “your” team would have lost.

Duh,  really,  that’s what you spend your time thinking about?

Obviously, I am just as bad if I spend my time thinking about what a complete waste of time other people spend their time wasting on time wasting other people’s time, thinking about not thinking.


I guess I should have titled this…..

My Time……………. Wasted.

Fortunately, though, no one else gets to hear the “drivel” going on in my head.  Fractionally,  revealed looks like the above, with my self split into the 30,000 spectators cheering on, or booing as to whether or not to post this. It’s much like that to all of the other posts as well.

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