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Job Hype Distraction

October 1, 2016

Steve Martin  from a 70’s  “bit”

I believe that they should allow all foreigners into this country,  provided that they can speak our “native” language………


They are coming to take our jobs.

They are taking our jobs.

“They” are not doing anything.

Other than “they” are trying to improve their lot in life and their families.

Think about how bad it must be where “they” came from,  that it is easier to put up with some people’s disdain and discrimination, then to go back.

If you are doing a job that pays poorly, requires so little skill and are working for an employer that is so greedy and unscrupulous that they would replace you at the drop of a hat with someone who has less skills,  communicates poorly and is willing to work for less, it’s time to find a better job anyway.

Context, context, context.

Realize that “they” is another chance to use the word “Bogeymen”.

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