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I, Alone

October 7, 2016

I, Alone


Hold perceptions

Unlike anyone

Out of 7 billion plus

Think there’d be some

Explaining might be



Always know

Could be wrong

So keep silent

And go along

Past expressions

Didn’t belong


My ego thinks

I’m well rounded

Is oft amazed

And astounded

That others suggest

I’m confounded


It is my


Or perhaps

An addiction

To see the



And see things

Not as they are

Close up,  so near

When they are,  so far

Like the mirrors

On the side of a car


A skewed look

Is what I see

Others see

The tragedy

I see

The comedy


Of course, it is

Kind of funny

We’re not here

For the money

Yet, that’s the search

Not, for the lovely


I’m amazed by

The distraction

Caused mostly

By inaction

Save the

Pavlovian reaction


Some ideas

Seem very clear

Yet, nary to

Another’s ear

By simply expressing

Oh shit!, Angelo is here

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