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Incongruos natal

October 25, 2016

Congratulations not in order.

Yes. I know incongruous is missing u.


: strange because of not agreeing with  what is usual or expected


 : of, relating to,
or present at birth; especially 
: associated with one’s birth


: the act of telling someone that you are happy because of his or her success or good luck : the act of congratulating someone

Always like to check with my friend Merriam Webster to make sure a point has a point.

Accident of birth.  Context, context, context.  Three plus grandchildren later, am still trying to figure out the contrived use of the word, congratulations.

At least I have figured out why that word “bothers” me.  In the context it is being used, sets off my cognitive dissonance alarm.

WOOooouht,  WOOooouht, WOOooouht,  Ding, Ding, Ding, wrrrrt, wrrrrt,  wrrrrt.  Bzzzz,  Bzzzz, Bzzzz.

Either for me ( which, I had nothing to do with it ) or the parents who, to my best understanding were not trying to “succeed”, nor rolling dice.

Rolling dice, perhaps,  just not at a craps table.  If a seed is planted and it grows, no “luck” is involved.   That is its nature.

Good luck, would be “winning” the lottery,  if you didn’t play.

Strange luck, would be if a pine cone found its way on to a Mars rover before launch,  and the next time another mission was sent to Mars, forests came into being, and we could now colonize.

As it is looking like soon, we may have to.


: success in doing or getting something

Okay,  now I get it, everyone is getting a baby, out of the deal.  And, in the hands of everybody involved,  will probably have a good “chance”, in a world full of chaos and disorder.

Congratulations J,L,R,K,K,S,Z,R,D,A are in order. Good Luck Ariksyn.

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