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Hugs and Halos

October 28, 2016

Hug a Trump supporter,

Forgive them, for they know not what they’re doing..

I suspect it was all started from the,

halo effect.


: generalization from the perception of one outstanding personality trait to an overly favorable evaluation of the whole  personality

At the beginning,  the Donald had a chance.  The halo effect was shining bright as ever.  Owns big buildings, celebrity on TV shows, writes books, owns casinos  became a “brand”, etc.

Even saved an ice skating rink. Atta boy Donald.

Like moths to a light bulb, the masses in search of a new fresh leader, had a bright  beacon.  Don’t be a moth,  be the light.

Much like Ross Perot in the 90’s had.

Makes sense at first glance, with the appearances of a “successful” businesses person.

Negotiating deals, watching the bottom line, keeping people employed, making a profit.  Sounds wonderful.

Till it is uncovered that Ross had government contracts where low bidding went out the window and was reaping massive profits at the taxpayers expense.

Besides, Donald has never really wanted to be President anyway, .

Before he even entered the race, his halo started gathering dust with his beating a dead horse regarding Barack’s birth certificate.

Upon suggesting a “wall” the halo was getting tarnished.

There are way too many gaps in that plausibility to be reasonably considered.


Over, under, around, funding, liability, materials, depth, height, maintenance, where to start,  congress, AZ  TX  CA budgets, national budget etc….

Scapegoating a group of people with their own religious beliefs  (didn’t Hitler try that with disastrous results ) scratched up the halo.

Disparaging John McCain cracked it.

Insulting Muslim parents of a dead American soldier broke it.

Not releasing tax returns (stomp), (first candidate in 40 years). Mocking handicapped reporter. (grind)  Being a poor sport at a charity (smash)

Denying how he arrogantly treats women basically is kicking the shattered remaining pieces down the rocky campaign trail.

I suspect though, that some people are so enamored by “power” and the illusionary need to be led, that Donald could grind up the remaining fragments of the halo eat it, digest it and shit it out, and they would say,  look,  even his feces sparkle.

The hug comment at the beginning was not entirely tongue in cheek. It merely sends out an olive branch in an effort to seek peace.

Otherwise you put said candidate supporters on the defensive,  and even if they know they are wrong,  will dig in their heels and defend their position blindly as a need to “feel” they are right and or at least not incompetent.

Full details on understanding areas of cognitive dissonance can be found in.

“Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts”

Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson

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