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Deplorable and Adorable

October 28, 2016

A presidential candidate quite notable

Ends up defending the indefensible

Or denying the reprehensible

Losing any chance to be responsible

Pushing towards unforgivable

Advocating racism shamefully credible

Trending to violence irreversible

Started off likable and plausible

Manifesting divisiveness undeniable

Of a species so easily distractable

Playing this bizarre game so incredible

Doing nothing to change it so regrettable



Waking awareness paradigm shiftable

Consciousness enlighten be peaceable

The system broken is still corrigible

Humanity so precious it’s irreplaceable

Hope is alive human spirit irradicable

Making mistakes is understandable

Love and kindness shared is transferable

Whatever has been done is forgivable

Making every mend is traceable

Your being here is quantifiable

Caring for self like others is honorable

Doing the best right thing conscionable

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