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November 19, 2016

Taking un-pride to a level worthy of negative egotism..

Making myself that martyred egotist.

Look,  I am trying to be the best worthless person I can be. See, no pride.

The only thing that substantiates my “being” is my skeleton.

Beyond humility, for pride goeth before a fall,  right?

To land in the untenable position of a doormat.

Or is it, that the meek shall inherit the earth?

Well, isn’t that just dandy?  .

Doing nothing,  (other than writing this blog) to be left with a smelly sphere, of toxicity ……. to inherit.  Great.

How can I sign up twice for that??

Somewhere there must lie a balance.

Otherwise, dismissing everything you do, and are, as having no importance or value first convinces others, which only serve to be the hideous mirrored reflection you see of yourself.

Or is that. …myself?

Geez.  I hate taking responsibility.

Now I have to go clean out and rearrange  my psyche, in the bottom basement of biting bile and blatant bemoaning by blaming.

What a hoarding mess,

There’s racks of reticent rank resentment,  behind an avalanche of acrid acerbic anger, next to the piles of pugnant perpetual perturbed pessimism.

Cracked crates of chaotic confusion, mounds of malignant mournful mistakes. Ewww, dusty, diatribes of disgusting deranged disasterous dead dialogue.

Tumbling tins of tumultuous tortured torment. Broken boxes of burgeoning befuddlement. Shards of sorrowful  shattered shame stuffed surreptitiously into shadows.

Time to replace those heavy hunks of horrific hate with laudable layers of light and loveable laughter.

Organizing optimism of overt openess. Toting tidy toolboxes to build better bonds between beloved beings.

Sorting and savoring special sanguine surprises for specific special someones,  supporting said sarcastic scribe, saving spirited sarcasm for special situations.

My how clean and bright it is in here now.

Just need (uh-oh) to keep an ample assortment of ampoules of anger to be released writing rather wittingly with wit while wrestling wrath warmly and wryly.

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