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Mishmash Mirroring

December 31, 2016

Mirror with Purpose

Time to deal with the
man in the mirror

Don’t let Trump be your
ugly reflection.

He will go away
If you remove same
Self bad behaviors

Be kind to Muslims
Be kind to Christians
Be kind to Atheists
Be kind to Mormons
Be Kind to Scientologists
Be kind to Buddhists
Be kind to Everyone

Treat women well and
better than equal.

No one deserves equal treatment

Treat each next person
Better than the last

Clear from your mind,
harmful stereotypes

Keep your walls down and
build relationships,
with all the neighbors

To Hell with sanctions
Is the way to go


Do unto others as
Others would do unto you

Say what you feel, with
dignity and respect.

From → Bible, dark, humor, Paradox, random

  1. incipientoffing permalink

    I received your request, thank you so much for even being interested. 🙂 I have a link to a new blog site. You can email me at and I’ll send you a link.
    Call me all things challenged, I wasn’t sure how to tell you this other than this comment. Sigh. I’m a slow one


    • No problem, I was catching up on reading my “followers” and noticed you disappeared. I have so many posts brewing, I’ve yet to navigate my way properly around wordpress.

      Liked by 1 person

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