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Ghost Toilet

January 4, 2017

A friendly ghost.

Nearly 20 years ago when my family moved into our new “old” house the first room that was remodeled was the bathroom.

Besides removing the pink, white, foil looking wallpaper, we changed the tub, sink and toilet. An old fashion styled one, where the tank sat inside a wood enclosure six feet off the ground on the wall.

The tank lever to operate the flush valve was a pull chain tipping down a brass rod over a fulcrum to release a torrent of water with gravity’s aid rushing down to the bowl, clearing everything in its path.

Making itself known, with what I liked to call it the “All in the  Family” “Archie Bunker” symphonic Niagara Falls flush.

After about 15 years of that harmonic convergence,  the bathroom received another remodel.  Giving the crapper a quieter classical carting off of crap.

Still, on occasion,  reach for that elusive non-existant pull chain to no avail.

My uncle was a great plumber and passed away a few years ago.  I like to think that when this anomaly occurs,  he is letting me know he’s around.

He also “shows” up at a fried chicken restaurant / bar where he always stood at the rounded corner of the bar, where “mysteriously” no one while we are there is standing in “his” place.

I  miss my uncle.

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One Comment
  1. Soliloquy permalink

    I miss people I don’t get to see anymore because they’ve left this world. My comfort is in my memories, I often find myself smiling.
    Lovely post

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