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Taught / Taut Wrong

January 4, 2017

Tolerating the intolerable

Is what gives voice to this blog

Screaming in silence on no ears

Having to accept the unacceptable

Bending my will to have none

Am I wrong that the world is wrong

Knowing in reality it’s really just me

Nor consciously, that I have any desire to

Continue to accept the unacceptable

Believe me, I’m always working on

Altering reactions by altering perceptions

Or unlearning perceived powerlessness

Dialogue doesn’t flow like it’s supposed to

Rather, it releases like the water from the

Relief valve on a water heater after being

Filled to capacity then heated with a

Faulty safety mechanism not to turn

The flame / heat off, causing discharge

Of everything that is so jumbled up

And swirling around under pressure

What usually escapes is some malignant

Non sequitur that throws everybody off

That could maybe, relate to the topic if

The within earshot human could only

Understand that I meant well and not

The detrimental digression that transpires

The taught wrong part is adhering to the

Do as I say, not as I do, nurturing and the

Taut wrong part, is having nature know

The above is disastrous and ineffective

Yet not knowing a better way to replace it.

The dynamic tension between my

Psychology and my physiology is such

That when I’m at a loss for words

My nose twitches and my arm quivers

Bodily interrupting what I’m trying to say

With visible distractions over dialogue

Sometimes feels like I’m a snap away

from catastrophic entropic disintegration

or spontaneous human combustion

Or what rolls through my minds eye

Is like what used to happen on those

Old black and white tube filled TV’S

Where, after being tuned off

A small grayish white light circle

Appeared in the center,  getting smaller

And smaller till, pffft it disappears

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