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The Tragedy of Beliefs 2

January 24, 2017

Or……….   Losing My Marbles

“I guess I wouldn’t believe in anything,  if it weren’t for my lucky,  astrology,  mood watch.”

Steve Martin

God as a marble.

Thought Experiment.

Could also be God / Beliefs / Atheism

Since I have no visual or kinetic way to show the theory I’m contemplating, will do my best to use the only tool at my disposal. Words, strung together into sentences to paint a picture.

Let’s say, I have a marble.

“I have a marble.”

Ok, enough funny stuff.

A regular marble will do.  However,  since I have some innate sense to make simple things as difficult as possible, will not just be using a standard size marble.

One that has the yin yang insignia on a side in black and white and the same on the other side, except in rainbow colors.

Half of one side with a slightly raised surface around the artwork and the other side smooth like glass.

One more particular to be as thorough as possible by making the marble out of that “mood” material so that temperature differences changes the color.

For fun, lets consider God is a marble and the proof of existence, is now you know you have God in your hand.

For the best way to see and feel this marble, is to place it between your thumb and  index finger.  With that,  you can now roll it around,  notice the textures and watch the colors change.

You realize you really like and love this marble, understand the intricacies of this marble.   What’s next?  Yep, you want to share this marble.  Yet, it is so special, do not want to let go.

Problem solved.  You’ll keep your two digits on it and to show someone else.  Now you move it around.  The other person is enamored by its intricacies and iridescence.

Now, they put their finger and thumb on it and have a close sense of what you have been describing to them.  However, most of what could be seen is now obscured by four digits.

Plus as each person describes to the other, what they experience, it differs by mere context.

Atheism is simply believing in a non belief.

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