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Tragedy of Beliefs 3

January 24, 2017

Did not mean to make this into a three-part transcript which the following, is what I intended to communicate in the first place.  The other would have found its way to a screen sooner or later.

Somehow it all fits. (I think).

Eminem from  “Beautiful”

Meanwhile I’m just standin’ there
Holdin’ my tongue tryna talk like this.

‘Til I stuck my tongue on that frozen stop sign pole at 8 years old

I learned my lesson then cause I wasn’t tryna impress my friends no more.

This whole thing came about, because I was relaying a story of how my grandfather had put his tongue on a frozen pole and lost probably 30% of his tongue.

The response I got, was the person described to me that that wasn’t true.  My grandfather just lied, because he had an ugly tongue and I never saw him put his tongue on the pole or pull his tongue off the frozen pole. Or ever saw what I was told, that at the time, parts of his tonge was still there.

It became immediately obvious that this person was just trying to be a contrarian to stir the pot. Although I didn’t see myself getting mad over the dialogue,  glad I recognized the intent and played along.

However,  it got me to thinking could the contrarian be “right”?

My grandfather has long since left this world.  Or did he?  As I write this I believe I remember him.  Or do I?  I have photos of him.  Yet, those can be doctored.  People hide truths.  Maybe the tongue story is bs.

I believe I am writing this to land on a screen somewhere.  Just cause it’s in my head and as I perceive it, it is getting typed out.  Yet, if some mainframe, loses its power and this “disappears”, I will only believe I wrote it.

I’m quite sure, I have beliefs that not only would people not entertain, they would think I’m as goofy for trying to equate a belief as a marble.

That is the tragedy of beliefs.

This needs a better ending in view of alternate facts.

How can the collective convince the corrupt convincor king we are not convinced of his convoluted convictions.

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