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Nobody Reads

January 28, 2017

Nobody reads the same book twice.  Let alone, read the same book that someone else has read.

However imperceptibly slight,  something has shifted, something has changed.

Either by conscious awareness which has altered your cognition as to what you “read” the “first”, “time”.  Could be insight, inspiration, distraction, moved emotions.

Likewise, nothing is the same as when you read it.  Simply put, your blood has moved, oxygen has circulated, digestion has occured, cells have died, etc.

Also,  the planet has rotated, the sun and stars have aligned,  or misaligned.

Knowing that, makes me wonder how there are best sellers. Or, why you would read a book someone suggested. It simply won’t be the same as what they read.

My consummate fear is that everyone is already acutely aware of these and other observations..

Making these writings simply the Neanderthalic ramblings of the metaphorical hare running around thinking he’s discovered some brilliant profundity ahead of everyone else.

Meanwhile, the tortoise is gleefully observing my mental regurgitation of holographic manifestations projected into my surroundings, for its own amusement.


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