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The “Art” of the “Deception”

January 28, 2017

Mr. Gorbachev  “Tear down this wall”

Actor, as President “Ronald Reagan”


I’m no mathematician

Nor do I play one on TV

Or even sleep at a Holiday Inn

I are just a goofy guy

That spends a lot of time

Behind a windshield



Besides watching the road

And traffic around me





Watching and realizing the “followers” of the orange faced blond are heading toward a buffalo jump.  Trying to take the non-herd with them.

There’s a chasm up ahead,  stop, or at least slow down, before it’s too late.

The Wall

While it sounds nice that you can tell the populace you will build something at someone else’s expense.  It is simply not true.

The “tariffs” imposed on products entering this country,  (guess what) are paid for by the consumers,  in this country.

Soooo, who is “paying” for this “wall”?

Retaliatory tariffs are only going to make it more difficult to sell this country’s products there.  Putting people out of work here. Hmmmmm.

Anybody else read / listen to “The World is Flat”? By Thomas Friedman

We are all on this spaceship together protected by what is left of the ozone layer. Segregating a compartment off, that you need access to is silly.

Very amazed and silent when I hear coworkers yammer on as if “the wall” solves all the world’s problems.

There are ways around, over, under, or through it.

Also scary to hear, the giddiness about the notion that what’s his name is going to send in the nation guard to patrol Chicago.

If the problem is too many gun deaths, how is sending in more guns going to solve the problem?


The blind leading the blind.


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  1. Soliloquy permalink

    I always wish desperately that there was more of a we are in this together mentality here

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, am optimistic that the “100th monkey effect” (Wikipedia) will kick into humanity, with a small, but exponentially growing number of people who become aware of the collective “oneness”, that a peaceful paradigm shift will occur.

      Then like Bill Hicks says “We can explore inner space and outer space, together in peace”


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