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Linguistic Misnomer

February 3, 2017

World War III

Like a belief,  the following is based on nothing but a perception, a hunch,  a string of sagacious surmises and a most excellent 70’s radio show.

“Through the Looking Glass”

CBSRMT Episode 750417

A dystopian time travel story with a bleak outlook unless the time travelers can save the future.

“So then, it (the earth) wasn’t bombed out?”  Character “Doug Sellers”

“The A bomb, the H bomb, all the alphabetical bombs, that came after…..

No, they were never used, except to waste the earth’s substance and terrify its people.”  Character “Sid Jones”

Transcribed words performed as audible dialogue,  with background music and Foley artists to create a reality that seem so intrinsically real, it creates a paradigm shift.

Or, Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed our collective awareness that we will not do this to ourselves again.

Back to the alleged WWW III that seems to be the latest verbal bogeyman presented by petrified pundits and mistaken media.

A World War sounds scary, however the likelihood of it happening seems rather slim.

Your “world” can be shattered by a car accident,  or a divorce,  or the loss of a loved one.

Therefore “world” becomes a “heavy” collection of letters, masterminded to manipulate fear into getting more people to buy more shit.

That and neither one, was a “world” war. No more than the first two football championships, were Super Bowls.

Essentially,  just a few countries were involved, however the word, world is very encompassing magnifying fears beyond reason. Because once a group of earthlings can be demonized and de humanized through the use of language, all bets are off for being treated like you would expect to be treated.

Making it the clever marketing of fear, through word context hyperbole.

Fear, seems to scare people into buying shit, which will forgo any war with China.

For one, they are too busy giggling at our indecisive head muckety muck.  And two, during a Halloween shopping outing,  noticed in just three stores, almost everything was made in China.

Which,  thinking,  now, so are most of our 4th of July fireworks. Hahaha, celebrating haha, America’s independence. Hahaha.

It’s a global economic intertwining interconnectedness unlike anything imaginable that precedes any decimation of wealthy or poor consumers.

Meme learned.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Kind of like when “they” used to accuse rock lyrics that suggested suicide.   Any band, trying to make it “big” would not want to eliminate their fans.

Where’s the benefit?

Money, trumps eliminating consumers. Fear then becomes the unconscious deciding factor,  well, we could all be dead soon, so why not go buy something to making me feel better temporarily.  At least until another boogeyman is manifested to start that cycle over.

Think it is any coincidence that Ringling Brothers shut down their show after 100 plus years.

They realized that they couldn’t compete with the Circus going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A semi non sequitur closure

Lyrics from “At war with the World”


“I’m at war with the world
That’s the way it must be
I’ll fight while I can
To put an end to this misery

I’m at war with the world
I’ll have to fight to be free
Yes I’m at war with the world
Nobody’s capturing me”

I’m not at war with the world.

Rather, myself. Unfortunately with the cognizant awareness I am my own worst enemy.

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