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Moral Grounds

February 27, 2017


The surface of a void


An abyss

At best it is either

Whim or will

At a moments notice

Or the protracted form

Of a lifetime

In the parentheses

Of infinity

Declarative phrases

Fall on deaf ears

Are viewed by eyes

To blind to see

Perused behaviors

Emit glaring hypocrisies

Driving to the Dakotas

To protest the pipeline

Feeds the pipeline

Killing a doctor

To save a fetus

Is black irony

Vegans walking to

Farmers markets

Trips in leather shoes

What is stood for

Collapses under

It’s own weight

As an accurate metaphor

Rearing its ugly head

In a polished two way mirror

Seen for what it is

An illusion

Reflecting on itself

Knowing its



Into fine dust

Till it blows away




From → dark, Paradox, random

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