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Airport Shuffle

March 22, 2017

Could there be a more pseudo torture implicit image and feeling of being positioned into an arms raised,  faux bonded, shoeless defenseless position then the one the tsa makes you go through at the airport.

Much like the torture scene in Lethal Weapon, save the water sponge and electricity.

However,  the message is the same.

“They can *uck with you,  anytime they want.”

George Carlin

Which internally and externally you know,  is for their own sadistic amusement and power.   More so,  than any notion of making air travel any more a miniscule safer.

This facade of security could be stopped within a 21 day heartbeat if for no reason and every reason that no one flew on a commercial airline in that time.

No matter, how low the fares, or perks.  I guarantee the bullshit would stop. Then the paradigm of consciousness would shift to a realization of true freedom that you are not just a number that needs to get to a “important” meeting by Thursday.

Think,  think,  where we could go next.

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