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Wealth Catch 22

March 22, 2017

Not so selfish people,  hedging their bets

Ivory towers acceptable greedy behavior on the off off off off chance that with just a little more effort on a person’s part, and if just the right circumstances came about that,  that level of greed is okay.

Because if you were to put in said effort than you to could have the big mansion servants and way too many cars to drive at once.

A person makes unconscious projections if those were the shoes they filled, that behavior is acceptable.

With that much money,  protected by armed T towers.  Could wreak prejudices without fear of retribution or affect human consciousness being human isolated by yes men.

Surrounded by indifference and ignorance,  placated by pleasers.

I unfortunately get it, therefore I’ve compassion for the nudnik occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Although,  me thinks would execute it differently.   Advocate meritocracy,  reorganize leadership.   Teachers,  spiritualists,  philosophers, aka comedians, musicians,  artists, healers, farmers.

Eliminate money,  need for banks.
Going with the John Lennon model of power to the people.

The only reason we accept the system now,  it is because it is all we know.

But if you think waaaaaay outside box,  waaaaaay outside the box.  There is an entirely different world that would be much more pleasant to live in.

Occupy Wall Street,  Bad idea,  poorly executed.

Should have been, (oops,  there are no should’s ) (things are such, as they are ).

Deoccupy Wall Street

Simply put.

Stop buying shit..

Stop having consumers, that buy more shit.

People of Wall Street aren’t greedy, they’re just managing the shit that you keep purchasing.

It is not their responsibility,  it is yours.
Take responsibility, stop funding wall street by limiting beyond necessities crass consumption .

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