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March 30, 2017

: secret cooperation for an illegal or dishonest purpose

We are a hapless hopeful lot, aren’t we?

With Lucy Van Pelt, holding the football, promising us “Charlie Brown” that “this” time, she will not take away the ball, just as we’re about to kick it, and land flat on our back.

Each time,  filled with childlike hope, it will be different.  This time, the truth will be known, the responsible will pay, the wronged will be vindicated.

The answer is on full display in the 6th floor of the “assassination museum”, formerly known as the school book depository,

A reasonably balanced presentation that because of two so varied interpretations of what “actually” happened, neither is right,  and neither is wrong.

A special committee,  the FBI, maybe the CIA,  will get to the “bottom” of the shenanigans.  Blind justice will be served.

The Warren Commission found what it needed to find, the 911 Commission found what it needed to find. Neither findining what they didn’t need to find.

Save a period at the end of their own statement,  to move on and find the next distraction. As the masses, sit and stare in their befuddled grassy knoll.

Must ask ourselves,  why now, why this time are we deluding ourselves, glued to the digitized puppet show, waiting for our desired perceived outcome to prevail?


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