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Selective Reality

March 31, 2017

Selective hearing,  I get.

If someone mumbles that I’m badly useful,  I interpret that as I’m beautiful.

If someone whispers my essence is like smelly farts,  my mind hears my presence is like smiling hearts

Taking that, a quantum leap further, to what you get, if you become an alleged leader.  Reality not only flies out the window, it jumps off the tower roof into a white house.

Palpable proof presented purely, perfectly and plentifully to garner the response of plausible deniability, by determined distraction and dereliction of constitutional duties.

Constitution smonstitution, ruskie regurgitation, masterful manipulation, decency desertion, reputation repudiation.

Wasted walls, that “they” are going to pay for (through higher “duties”) which is passed on to the consumer of the goods.

Oops,  forgot to mention, that will be the  Americans paying for it in higher priced imported consumables.  Shit…..

Scapegoating immigrants without substance other than deflection from whatever makes him uncomfortable.

Expressed with a vanilla vernacular vocabulary, bordering on the simplistic dialogue of dull doublespeak.

Great,  fantastic,  bad, wonderful,  not good, incredible,  simple,  easy,  hard,  quick,  etc.

Over and over again. Quick,  get that goofball a dictionary and a thesaurus.

Not too far off from ungood or plusgood, which is doubleplusungood.

Must be nice to constantly chameleon character to rearrange reality to fit personal pathetic perceived person.

A selective reality that is creating chaotic consequences to innumerable to categorize.

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