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Gray Like Me

April 26, 2017

The rainbows have faded

The pot of gold is jaded

Despised, yet reciprocated

In my mind, regurgitated


Never ending roads, worn out

I have effectively useless clout

Whether it be a whisper or shout

Don’t even know, what I write about


Most of it lands here

Thought of, while I steer

Written down later

Of myself a hater


Looking for the next sign

The octagon for the I, I malign

To easy it would be to resign

Time for a personality redesign


Altering one would be breezy

Finding it first, is not so easy

If there is one, it is cheesy

But at least, it is not sleazy


Of course that is an opinion

The only thing I have dominion

There is naught a minion

Don’t even know where to get one


Part of me wants to play

Whether sunny or rainy day

Perhaps it is time to stray

From the notion of being gray


From → dark, random, Windshield

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