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The People

April 28, 2017

Inspired by

Ta-Nehisi Coates

“Between the World and Me”

Inclusively Exclusive

Defined yet undefined

Perplexing perceptions

Placard plural persons

As people perspectively

Perhaps plausibly palpable

That “We The People”

Means you and me too


“If you change the way You look at things the things you look at change”

Wayne Dyer

Consider it might not……

“Think of how it all started: America was founded by slave owners who informed us, “All men are created equal.” All “men,” yeah, except Indians, *iggers, and women.

Remember, the founders were a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding slave owners who also, by the way, suggested their class be the only one allowed to vote.

To my mind, that is what’s known as being stunningly–and embarrassingly–full of shit.”

George Carlin

Context, context, context.

So, if the preamble to the Constitution doesn’t make you Jerry Seinfeld the question “Who are these, “people”?”

We have the end of Gettysburg Address

“That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Abraham Lincoln

Again,  who are these “people”

“So about 80 years after the Constitution is ratified, the slaves are freed. Not so you’d really notice it of course; just kinda on paper. And that of course was at the end of the Civil War.”

“Not so you’d really notice it of course”

George Carlin

The “Civil” War, where brother killed brother at the behest of those in “power”. When peaceful options were and will always be available.

Which in my perception could have ended non-violently or, not have even started in the first place if bipedal earth creatures simply did not purchase products made from products at the expense of the bodies of slave labor.

Oh yeah, there is no concentration of wealth then….shit!

“These new people are, like us, a modern invention.  But unlike us, their new name has no real meaning divorced from the machinery of criminal power.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Look at “our” “justice” system language, as the wording used is:

The People vs. So and so.

Vs?  Hello, McFly.

Versus, in its simplest meaning it means against. Therefore its outcome is never resolution,  but merely battle of power in a never ending process.

That it also may get taken all the way to the “Supreme” Court.  Not a fair court, or reasonable or compassionate court, but supreme by unelected judges with permanent tenure.

No conspiracy here, it is laid out like fresh skunk roadkill on the center divider for all to see and to get a good whiff of it, named the. “Criminal” Justice “System”

“As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.”

Thomas Jefferson

Time to paradigm shift into a higher evolutionary gear and steer all in the right best direction.

After all the preamble does not read “We the enlightened, in order to elevate and inspire all bipedal earth creatures to share in the oneness of Gaia consciousness.


It’s the rule of law via attempting to form a more “perfect” union.

Ummm, “perfect” to whom?

Connected non sequiturs

In a country,  where the alleged majority supposedly adheres to the notion that “the meek shall inherit the earth”, there is an awful lot, that worship, aspire to and accept the trappings and consequences of “power”.

In their name, so long as it is not them selves.

The freedom you think you do have can or may be circumstantially prohibited if the overriding culture exhibits a high tendency to strike and freely without consequences a group of bipedal earthlings with dark epidermis.

“The destroyers are merely men enforcing the whims of our country, correctly interpreting it’s heritage and legacy.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates

“There isn’t a white man in this room that would change places with me, and I’m rich”.

Chris Rock



“Second Nature”

A memo to a higher office
Open letter to the powers that be
To a God, a King, a head of state
A captain of industry
To the movers and the shakers
Can’t everybody see?

It ought to be second nature
I mean, the places where we live
Let’s talk about this sensibly
We’re not insensitive
I know progress has no patience
But something’s got to give

I know you’re different
You know I’m the same
We’re both too busy
To be taking the blame

I’d like some changes
But you don’t have the time
We can’t go on thinking
It’s a victimless crime

No one is blameless
But we’re all without shame
We fight the fire
While we’re feeding the flames

Folks have got to make choices
And choices got to have voices
Folks are basically decent
Conventional wisdom would say

Well, we read about
The exceptions
In the papers every day

It ought to be second nature
At least, that’s what I feel
“Now I lay me down in Dreamland”
I know perfect’s not for real
I thought we might get closer
But I’m ready to make a deal

Today is different
And tomorrow the same
It’s hard to take the world
The way that it came

Too many rapids
Keep us sweeping along
Too many captains
Keep on steering us wrong

It’s hard to take the heat
It’s hard to lay blame
To fight the fire
While we’re feeding the flames

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