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May 11, 2017

“99% of my life I was lied to ”


From “My name is”


“99% of my life I was lied to ”

Adopted was told, they tried to

Sarcasm declared denied you

Reality so vague to blind you

Search for the truth, climbed to


Damage done, put it behind you

Kept you they said they, liked you

Dig deeper, if you are so inclined to

Given a phrase to remind you

Recited as a sadistic haiku


“Ask me no questions

(As it will serve our purpose)

I’ll tell you no lies”


Told to be a ring bearer for a wedding

Being shy, an event I would be dreading

The following I can recall no kidding

Aw can’t you handle a simple ribbing

Over the hilarity we will be tripping


Walk down the aisle so slightly red

With a brunette flower girl I a tow head

Wine was drank broken was the bread

Could you repeat what you just said

At 4 years old to the little girl I was wed


Marriage so special you only do it once

Guess you figured me for a dunce

You made me believe it for months

Respect doled out was a mere pittance

Meant to be saved like an allowance


A desire to play the drums I requested

Take piano first just one year you insisted

Wanted to, so bad that I persisted

Told agreed two years truth being twisted

Kept feeling like mind was molested


You had the power, end of discussion

No matter to you never repercussions

Go along, to play instrument percussion

Learning not to believe was the lesson

Close in on myself, further regression


Action and dialogue not often jived

Questioning everything how I’ve survived

Do not feel the least bit at all deprived

Like Bill Hicks said this is just a ride

Maybe the truth is on the other side

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  1. This is good stuff. Especially like the sadistic haiku part.

    Liked by 1 person

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