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House of Scandal

May 16, 2017

As this prolonged catastrophe unfolds, the brilliant writers of “House of Cards” and “Scandal” are sharpening their pencils and copiously taking notes.

Trying to surpass the absolutely compelling entertainment emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The left eye watching FOX, the right eye watching MSNBC.  The third eye desperately trying to intuit WTF is going on.

If Lady Justice is blind, then the Lord of Truth is a deaf, dumb, blind, wheelchair bound quadriplegic that is very much in danger of being beheaded.

The rule of law apparently does not apply to the rulers of law.

How much longer till it is broadcast / reported that Russia (Eastasia) has always been our (Oceania’s) ally. To war with Eurasia or is that our ally?

After all even JFK utilized “back” channel access to Nikita Khrushchev to prevent mutually assured destruction.

The corrupt criminal collusion occurring currently seems only to be helping a select few mutually agreed deception.

One of whom probably should have heeded Howard Stern’s advice and not run into all the aggravation. Listening to his yes men instead encouraged the fragile ego that he could be president.

Where will that fragile ego be when he stands in front of a mirror to see a billionaire in handcuffs?

Till then, will we start hoarding chocolate,  hanging on to razor blades, preparing to  barter sugar for coffee. Then coffee for cigarettes, while slugging down the endless gulp of Victory Gin to be anesthetized of this trumped up reality?

I used to be paranoid, till I realized absolutely nobody nowhere was out to get me. It is just that I have been sharpening my Orwellian discernment capabilities for three decades.

Relevant?  Throwaway

If you promise to drain the swamp and you do, however, you fill it back up with excrement and toxins, have you really fulfilled the promise?

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