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Wait for “it”

May 15, 2017

Up next

After these messages

To be continued

When this happens

According to experts


It is not the outcome

That is desired

It is the desire

Of the anticipation

Of the outcome

That is anticipated

The moment coming

While the moment

Is here


The suspense

In either that

Your beliefs

Will be validated

Or be challenged

Either way

You win

Suspending disbelief

That both

May be correct


Validation validates


That you were

Right all along

Or challenges

You to fortify

Your position

So that



The repetition

Can be repeated


Whew, that was a longer than planned introduction to observations of the world around.

Might be something as simple as watching fluorescent orange cones appear on the road thinking oh great, that pot hole will be fixed.  Corroborated by a dialogue you hear expressing the same thing.

Neither actually “knowing”, only to find out it is becoming a major road repair. Continually modifying thoughts and dialogue to mirror what “may” be happening as each moment blends in to the next, changing your head “story” to fit.

Or the current political situation, depending on your view, anticipates the firing, impeachment, quitting, jailing of number 45.  Certainly in light of what might be considered blatant video taped contradictions (AKA “Lying) against “tweets”, stated alternative facts.

Walls, whos paying for walls, travel bans, health care, executive orders, golf, taxes etcetera. You get the picture.

While those who are desperately clinging to their pick, hang on to the notion that this self proclaimed magician is going to pull a rabbit out of his hair, everyone will applaud go home and get on with their lives.

It is like watching a bad tennis game where the ball is arbitrarily getting lobbed back and forth. Greatly hoping for your “player” to win. No points scored, no fouls made.

Till soon you could care less if “your” player wins or loses, you just want it to be over so you can go home.

Wearing everyone down so they’ll accept anything,  as long as it is “over”, till the next wear down occurs.

Be vigilant,  make all your own moments count in this life, regardless of the detours, distractions and deceptions.

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