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May 22, 2017

“99% of my life I was lied to ”


From “My name is”


Part 2


The last poem left something missing

Sounded like my parents I was dissing

Perhaps some negative reminiscing

Inspired by Eminem line, fit I was hissing

Neither in this, their ass, will be kissing


As the meme goes, did best they could

Learned from that, I knew that I would

Ill prepared does no one any good

Try building a house w/o tools or wood

Am here now so why should I brood


Moving so slow, feels like stagnation

Deciphering truth, use my imagination

What had I done in my last incarnation

Not so good, yet not quite damnation

Make it better, for the next reincarnation


Reflecting back will give any one pause

Consider the manipulation of Santa Claus

Don’t even blame them, for society’s flaws

Still coerced on kids, on my soul it gnaws

Hard to escape those consumptive jaws


Saw a bad thing, picture it now, as then

At the time, was told it did not happen

If acknowledged may have forgotten

A characteristic repeated quite often

Trust should’ve been ripe, it was rotten


Broke a ceramic, prepared for the scorn

Twas irreplaceable shouldn’t been born

Don’t take it out on me if you’re forlorn

Back of my mind forever will adorn

Till clearing it out here, it is now shorn


Don’t impregnate, don’t be a dummy

If they do, it’s for your perceived money

No chance they, will just think I’m funny

A horrible thing to say, so very crummy

Still rears its ugliness on my honey

Even though I know she truly loves me


One thing I’m learning it’s not too late

Sequencing words new ways to create

Stick around, end no longer contemplate

Find myself manifesting a different fate

One, put in print so others may relate


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