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May 22, 2017

“99% of my life I was lied to ”


From “My name is”


Part 3


May be messed up with good reason

Subterfuge, deceit never out of season

Behave as you’re told us you’ll be pleasin’

Hold different concepts both believing

Confusion and self-reliance be achieving


The next part sounds like pure fiction

Bizarre way to live, under this condition

Happy marriage was the supposition

While mom loved a sweetheart in prison

Dad ignored it without painful recognition


After way too long, they would be ex’s

Yet kept a business running to do taxes

Even though,  each got new spouses

The one released from prison, believe this

The other, meek and quite as a mouse is


Family secret went years unobserved

Told none of my friends, they never heard

Don’t know about you, but I think it’s weird

This darkness kept inside unperturbed

Till sound of silence has been disturbed


Worked for them early on, I was just a lad

In an office across alley from my grandad

Worked for him too, overall not to bad

My mentor being my uncle made me glad

All the lies going on, could he be my dad


Back at the office to make things clearer

Spent so much time, twas like living there

Under the watchful eye of two way mirror

To a seven year old can be much terror

Under such scrutiny to not make an error


Short while back suspect dad may be gay

To which offspring would, be way okay

Believing 2nd family reject him w/o say

Yet it’s his own he won’t give time of day

Olive branches extended, still go away

All because of money he owed anyway


Was going to leave that last line out

Expose the ugliness is what this is about

Yet taking away financial, loses its clout

Removing that, will bring no turnabout

Before $ came in play, the end was en route


All from an inspiring lyric, that I selected

Here to be here and not to be dejected

Continue building on the life I’ve erected

Making sure no one else feels rejected

On a positive note leaving this ended

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