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Transparently Not

May 30, 2017


the quality or state of being transparent.


Sounds good, would like things to be clear, easily understood with an openness unmatched,  yet…


It is only

Convenient transparency

That is desired

Sorta upfront

Maybe occasionally

Strategizing in plain view

Communicating clearly

Doesn’t happen

Can we really lift the veil

Of concealment

In government

When in our personal lives

Nary is the clarity

Of transparency


Siblings and parents

Sibling and siblings

Parents and children

Parents and parents

Males and females

Browns and pinks

(not using black and white is about as clear as I can get on this one for clarity, it is a telling epidermis accuracy thing.)

Races and racists

Teachers and students

Friends and family

Friends and friends

Enemies and friends

Bosses and employees

Managers and employees

CEO’s and bosses

Customers and vendors

Clerks and customers

Corporations and customers

Science and religion

Religion and religion

Religion and spirituality

Police and citizens

Judges and lawyers

Banks and borrowers

Media and “facts”

So deeply mired in the stupor of our attachment to egotistical concepts, ideals, notions, transfered in shouts, whispers, innuendos, sidebar conversations, it is a wonder we think we can achieve any kind of transparency in the abyss of darkness.


Apparently have

Given this

a lot of thought

Can we change

any time soon……


Transparently not.

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