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June 2, 2017

Einstein theory contemplating of

Everything happening all at once

In some dimension right now


I am a Donald J. Trump
Begging for approval
The American public
Begging for leadership
I am the pilot of Enola Gay
Pulling the lever to the bay doors
Releasing little boy on
Myself as the 1236th person
Melting from the heat
I am the first coin ever traded
And the last dollar ever spent
I am the air in the tire and
The point of contact where
The rubber meets the road
A single cell amoeba flowing
Out of the primordial ooze
I am the 313th bible rewritten
Used to scare the shit out of me
Not to worship golden calves
I am the drying blood
On Jackie’s pink coat and
The magic bullet not going
Through JFK and Connelly
I’m being the fly on the
Windshield of the presidential
Limousine watching all
That is happening with no way
To communicate it.
I am the last vestige crack
Splitting wide open in the
San Andreas fault dropping
Half of California into the ocean
An engineer designing the rebuild
And the naysayer
Suggesting it will work
Am the butterfly in the tornado
Desperately flapping my wings
Trying to stop what I caused
Vomiting up the red pill
Hoping Morpheous
Will let me take the blue pill

Not sure if any of that made sense, however,

That was fun
Going to have to
Make a part two
Or have I already?

From → humor

  1. I understood every word. Brava!

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  2. Fascinating and drew me right in!

    Liked by 1 person

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