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Oh, Kathy, Kathy

June 4, 2017

Bad idea?

Poorly executed?

Oops, not exactly a killer pun.

Just a reminder, no one has ever been harmed by symbolism.

Not to familiar with Kathy Griffin’s work. Her Howard Stern appearances make her interesting. Seems goofy and slightly obnoxious with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s eve. An attention grabber with her wryly sell-effacing d-list celebrity status.

And now this,  again,  oops.

Hindsight being 20/20 as it is, for a more effective point and less controversial / gruesome display, she could have made a mockup of his hands and pseudo severed tweeting thumbs.

Staging it in such a way to cap off the poignant mockery by pulling a page from his modus operandi handbook and completely flat out denying it ever happened.

Deny it (provable actualities) saying that it is “fake” news. Seems to work for him.

Her only apology should be for her “bit” not being funny. As comedians are our modern day philosophers, of which they need to get laughs to be truly effective.

Besides, how does anyone know this wasn’t just another “staged” distraction to ignore the actual goings on, of his Paris debacle and Saudi Arabia disaster.

Not being conspiratorial, at this point, everything needs to be considered.

What Kathy did, brought no harm to anyone.  Even his 11 year old son, of which the D, could have reasonably and lovingly explained it to B. That for the job, that the petulant president does, it comes with the territory of some people not liking it. While having the right, albeit not very funny, to express opposition to it.

In private, not using his son as a public “poor me” tool. Besides it only highlights how selfish it was for a 59 year old to impregnate anyone, so an incarnated spark of the divine has a dad as old as a great grandad.

Meanwhile, the policies, edicts and executive orders, actually affect people’s lives.  Still trying to enact an unjustifiable travel ban on essentially Muslims. Which gives racists fuel for their bigoted fire.

Likewise, adding linguistic kindling to that flame by suggesting that other immigrants are criminals and rapists. Scapegoating (other than pink) races as the cause to all of life’s problems.

That was tried before with governmental sanctioned murderous results.

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