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Investigate Thy Self

June 8, 2017

The external world, is easy to scrutinize

Internal world, is the one that mystifies

Finger is pointing, away at all times

Three directed back, you do realize

With it’s own faults, it means to criticize

Look in the mirror, so many to categorize

Your own worst enemy, regardless of size

Know it is true, just damn hard to realize

Easily distracted regardless how one tries

Be your best self and ignore all of the lies

Love yourself the most, do not despise

Fix the inside and the outside will vaporize

Recognize both, knowing they coincide

Peace and heaven on earth will be the prize


Inspired by

“The Untethered Soul”

Michael A. Singer


“The Voice of Knowledge”

Don Miguel Ruiz


The shenanigans going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave



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