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Open Setting

June 13, 2017

“If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse.”

George Carlin

Hearing too much of the following lately.

Can’t discuss this in an open setting.

Why not ? Hmmm?

Of course we know why this is acceptable. Because we do it ourselves in our own lives. Must be the ego that likes to get all puffed up with pride. Thinking that allegedly elected representatives will come to an actual conclusion behind closed doors.

In some suspenseful big reveal that amounts to nothing but duplicating distractions.  Anything getting done, moving forward and making sure it doesn’t happen again is highly unlikely.

Remember Dick and George were able to give their hand-held testimony together without any transcription made of any kind? Yet the public accepts this under the guise of “NATIONAL SECURITY”

Unfortunately when that shoe is on your own foot, it is done under the guise of personal security.


Wanton whispers

Surreptitious suggestions

Unspoken utterances

Hushed harangues

Reticent rumors

Ilicit innuendos

Malignant mumbles

Benign bemusements

Deceptive directives

Phantom phrases

Covert cleverness

Darkish dialogue

Vile verbiage

Dismal diatribes

Stifled sentences

Concealed conversations


Why not lay all the cards on the table?  It’s not a stacked deck, if everything is laid out for all to see. F the closed sessions. Of course only if people are willing to do it in their personal lives, will we ever achieve the desired outcome.

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